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Oh man. (or woman)
I should move to Japan.
Amy, you're so lucky to be in love with the place where you have chosen to live.

Amy K

Amy, do you have any good recipes for udon besides in a soup? I purchase it at the local Korean Supermarket here in NY - HMart, and I want to branch out from making soups with it to something else authentic. :)


I used to live in Tochigi, and I went to Cafe Shozo all the time. I love that place. Your pictures made me so homesick or Tochigi sick. Thanks for posting. I will have to try the udon place next time I visit. And Tochigi always gets voted the worst prefecture....


Oh wow..... Everything looks so wonderful!
What a "full" weekend!!!!!


I can't believe you found scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam in Japan. Whatever next? Lancashire tempura-pot?


i've never had shabu shabu, but can't wait!!! it looks so delicious!
can you recommend any good (but not too expensive) shabu shabu places in Tokyo? i'll be staying at a hotel in the Nihonbashi area, in case there's anything near there...


All you can eat wagyu?? "Jealousy"


Hello I stumbled upon your site and really want to try the shabu-shabu and noodles. Great site! Thanks for putting addresses etc, for us vicarious food thrill seeking readers...


Joanna, thanks! I think I'm lucky too, that's why I take full advantage of all the fun and yummy stuff this place has to offer.

AmyK, Try yaki-udon, which is stir-fried udon: http://japaneserecipe.blogspot.com/2006/07/yaki-udon.html
I also like nabeyaki-udon and bukkake-udon (http://japanesefood.about.com/od/udon/r/nabeyakiudon.htm and http://japanesefood.about.com/od/udon/r/bukkakeudon.htm) but I suppose those are just variations of soup. But even with soup there are so many kinds, it's hard to get tired of it!

Jill, so the cafe has been around for a while. That's nice, I really liked it- the staff were friendly and always smiling (so rare here!) and the owner came and talked to us a little.
Who votes Tochigi as the worst prefecture? It's got Nasu, Nikko, and Kinugawa onsen and I've really enjoyed every trip there.

Carlyn, "full" is a very apt description!

Trig, you'll often find surprisingly authentic recreations of foreign food, especially European. Although usually there's a Japanese twist, and in this case I suspect real English scones would be a bit bigger and slightly richer.

Erina, I think shabu-shabu is best eaten at home! You'll pay a lot to have it at a restaurant. If you want to splurge though, Seryna has somewhat reasonable lunches: 4043 Yen in the Shinjuku branch (on the 52nd floor with a great view), and 4,620 at the Ginza branch, which is closer to your hotel.

Tim, I'm a lucky woman.

Thanks for stopping by, Foodhoe, and thanks for the compliment!

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